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Oral History Archive

The research team is regularly editing, conducting,  or preparing to do interviews for the Archive. More stories will be added as interviews and transcripts are completed. The handful of interviews we have shown below are from people on the research team and from people within our existing networks. We did this to give potential interviewees an idea of the different ways your stories can be shown in this Archive for now. As the Archive continues to grow, we hope to develop tools that will make it easier to listen, read, and search for stories, words, or themes across the interviews.


If you have issues opening the files, please check your internet connectivity and browser issues first. There have been some issues with accessing audio files when using a Google Chrome browser; we recommend using other browsers (Firefox, Safari, etc.). If you still have problems accessing files, please contact us.

Within the Archive, you can access four types of files:

  1. outreach graphics (PDF, JPG, zip),

  2. interview-audio files (m4a),

  3. interview-transcript files (PDF), and

  4. interview metadata (PDF).

The outreach graphics are in the folder "Flier and Instagram Graphics" while each individual interview has its own folder. We titled each interview folder by the narrator's (interviewee's) name and by what we have available for them based on their privacy boundaries ("A" for audio and/or "T" for transcript file). The "metadata" files in each folder include some additional information about the interview experience (name, date, interviewee background information).

Once you open a folder, you can download the files by clicking on them or by clicking the download button on the right hand side (the downward pointing arrow).


To view PDF files without downloading them, you can click the view button on the right hand side next to the download button (the eyeball image).


When you click on any audio file, depending on your browser settings, your page will open that one audio file where you can listen to the file from this page or it may download the file. If you want to go back within the Archive, use the navigational bar that pops up within the file platform below. 


If you have any technical issues, try restarting your browser and computer. If that does not fix the issue, feel free to contact us and explain the issue.

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